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Championship Show - Exhibits on Victory Row

British Pigeon Show Society /NPA National Show
7 - 8 December 2013
John S Harrison
Reserve Champion in Tumbler Section for C A House Trophy

Lancashire Show Pigeon Society
16 November 2013
John S Harrison

Swansea Variety Pigeon Club
5 January 2013
Colin Ronald
Nottingham Pigeon Fanciers Club
28 December 2012
John S Harrison
British Pigeon Show Society / NPA National Show
1-2 December 2012
Colin Ronald
Third in Tumbler Section for C A House Trophy

 Lancashire Show Pigeon Society
17 November 2012
John S Harrison

South Coast Fancy Pigeon Society
21 October 2012
Colin Ronald
Best in Show

British Pigeon Show Society /NPA National Show
3-4 December 2011
John S Harrison
Reserve Champion in Tumbler Section for C A House Trophy

Shows 2014 / 2015

 16/11/2014Egremont Fancy Pigeon Society Graham Bates
 16/11/2014 Lancashire Show Pigeon Society John Graves
 6 & 7/12/2014 BPSS / NPA National Show 
 03/01/2015 Swansea 
 **/01/2015 Reading 

NPA Certificate Winners 2013/2014 Show Season

13/10/2013East of England Agricultural  Society  John Graves
20/10/2013South Coast Fancy Pigeon Society  
09/11/2013"Feathered World" Fancy Pigeon Show John S Harrison Nick Dawyd
16/11/2013 Lancashire Show Pigeon Society John S Harrison Tom Crane
16/11/2013 London & Essex Show Pigeon Society  
7-8/12/2013 British Pigeon Show Society / NPA NationalJohn S Harrison Dennis Ison
 5/01/2014 Swansea Variety Pigeon Club  
 12/01/2014 Reading Fancy Pigeon Club  Francis Bradbourne

NPA Certificate Winners 2012/13 Show Season

14/10/2012East of England Agricultural  Society Colin Ronald Ralph Sargeant
 21/10/2012South Coast Fancy Pigeon Society Colin Ronald Ralph Sargeant
 10/11/2012"Feathered World" Fancy Pigeon Show Colin Ronald David Richardson
 17/11/2012 Lancashire Show Pigeon Society John S Harrison Steve Rumsby
 17/11/2012 London & Essex Show Pigeon Society Colin Ronald Ralph Sargeant
1-2/12/2012 British Pigeon Show Society / NPA National Colin Ronald Ralph Sargeant
 5/01/2013 Swansea Variety Pigeon Club Colin Ronald Keith Brain
 27/01/2013 Reading Fancy Pigeon Club Colin Ronald 

NPA Certificate Winners 2011/12 Show Season

9/10/2011East of England Agricultural SocietyColin RonaldDenis Ison
23/10/2011South Coast Fancy Pigeon SocietyColin RonaldJohn Graves
19/11/2011London & Essex Show Pigeon SocietyColin RonaldGary Eaton
19/11/2011Lancashire Show Pigeon SocietyJohn S HarrisonSteve Rumsby
26/11/2011Newcastle Columbarian Society John S HarrisonJohn Elsdon
3-4/12/2011British Pigeon Show Society John S Harrison David Richardson
7/1/2012Swansea Variety Pigeon ClubColin RonaldGraham Giddings

Best in Show South Coast 2012

Best in Show
South Coast Fancy Pigeon Society
Colin Ronald
(Photo Jo Taylor)

USTC Club Show

The Club Show
will be held in odd number years
at the
BPSS/NPA National Show
Pickering, North Yorkshire
in even number years
Reading Fancy Pigeon Society Show
Bradfield, Berkshire

For information
on the British Pigeon Show Society
plus much more
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2013 Club Show

7 - 8 December 2013

Judge : Mr D Ison

Best Show Tippler

Best Adult Cock
NPA Certificate
John S Harrison

Best Adult Hen
John S Harrison

 Best Young Cock
Robin & Kevin Pratt

 Best Young Hen
John S Harrison


English Show Tippler
NPA Judges

Robert Bennion  -   Cumbria   
Francis Bradbourne  -   South Wales
Keith Brain  -   South Wales
Richard J Cottrill  -   South Yorkshire
Brian Coulson  -   Suffolk
Tom Crane  -   Lancashire
Nick Dawyd  -   Nottingham
Gary Eaton  -   Essex 
John Graves  -  Cambridgeshire
John S Harrison  -   North Wales
Denis F Ison  -   Scotland
Alvin Moreton  -   Yorkshire
Robin Pratt  -   Oxfordshire
David Richardson  -   Co Durham
Steve Rumsby   -   Yorkshire
Ralph P Sargeant  -   Cambridgeshire
John Surridge  -  Kent
Chris Wilkinson  -   Yorkshire
G B Whilde  -   Yorkshire

Other Judges
who are on the
NPA Emergency
can award Certificates in an emergency or
where a Breed Judge is not available:

Graham Ashworth
Graham Bates
Richie Brown
Tom Crane
Richard Greenwood
Maurice Heggie
Phil Hughes

Colin Jeckell
Mike Knaggs
Jim Mullan
Kevin Pratt
Mark Rudd
Scott Sharp 

Trophies & Specials

The United Show Tippler Club
offers Rosettes
to NPA Certificate Winners
 owned by
fully paid up members.

The United Show Tippler Club Trophy
for the
Best Show Tippler
at the Club Show.